October 8, 2023
"Swords of Iron"

We are here at the Southern Command after the situational assessment that was held here by the Chief of the General Staff and the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command.

During the last few hours, our forces have been fighting in the area surrounding Gaza to protect the residents and neutralize all of the terrorists in the area. Paratroopers Brigade and special units engaged Hamas in Kibbutz Be'eri. Forces from Flotilla 13 (“Shayetet 13”), the Shaldag Unit, the Paratroopers Brigade and the Givati Brigade were engaged with terrorists in Kibbutz Kfar Aza. A marine Hamas terrorist cell was neutralized in Kibbutz Zikim. Fighting also took place in Nahal Oz and Kissufim. 

Our forces are engaging the Hamas and everywhere to defeat the enemy. There are still terrorists present. In the field, some tried to escape back to Gaza and were targeted along the border fence and we will continue to target anyone on the fence who comes towards the territory of the State of Israel.

In the last few hours, the Chief of the General Staff, LTG Herzi Halevi, held a situational assessment with the Commanding Officer of the Southern Command and of the Gaza Division commander. The commanders are stable, strong and are acting professionally, under heavy fighting. We are increasing our forces, clearing territory, and striking along the border fence and in Gaza as well as targeting terrorists wherever they are. 

In the attack on Gaza, about 800 targets were destroyed using fighter jets, combat helicopters and UAVs.

Today at 15:45 the IDF launched a massive strike in Beit Hanoun. The strike was carried out in three rounds and over 50 fighter jets were used. The jets dropped tens of tons of munitions on about 120 targets in the area. This is a complex aerial operation that caused the destruction of all the targeted buildings in Beit Hanoun, which had been used as a staging ground for Hamas special forces which operate in the military tunnels in Gaza and from which Hamas fighters were planning to attack.   

We will continue to destroy all the staging and launching areas of the enemy. 
The IAF is operating at full capacity, with continuous airstrikes, with thousands of reservists in service.

Hamas has inflicted a great disaster on the residents of the area surrounding Gaza. In response to their attack, they suffered the death of hundreds of fighters and thousands of wounded and since the start of the fighting, dozens were abducted. 

Today in the Northern Command, shells were fired at outposts, without casualties. The IDF responded by firing at Hezbollah's sources of fire and infrastructure. We are closely following the actions of the enemy in the north as well. We are at a high level of preparedness in all arenas.

I call on the public to abide by the instructions of the Home Front Command. The various referral centers are open to the public. The public inquiries officer can be reached through the  number 1111 extension 5 or 4. The Home Front Command center can be reached through the number 104 or through the internet portal. You can reach the family center of the Home Front Command and the Israel Police in Airport City or speed dial 105. 

I ask, once again, not to spread rumors online. We first update the families, then we release to the public data about the abducted and killed.

There is room for difficult questions and incisive investigation, the Israeli public is entitled to answers and we have the responsibility to provide them.
Currently, we are in the middle of a war, the IDF is focusing its efforts to strike the enemy and win. First we will fight, then we will investigate. 

We are witnessing tremendous heroism of civilians - women, men and children acting with composure and courage in the face of a murderous terrorist organization. The resilience that the residents of the south have demonstrated and are demonstrating is a model for all of us.

The Nahal Brigade continues to operate with all its full strength. 

Commanding Officer of the Multidimensional Unit, the late COL Roi Levy, was killed during an encounter with terrorists that barricaded themselves inside a house in Kibbutz Re’im. During the encounter, Roi and his soldiers neutralized ten terrorists.

New commanders immediately reported for duty to fill their ranks and continue moving forward. 

These are IDF commanders and soldiers - the best of Israelis. They are determined to protect the State of Israel’s civilians, they are the first ones at the front and they will ensure our victory.
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