May 11, 2021
In response to continuous rocket fire into Israel from Gaza, IDF strikes
approximately 130 terror targets in the Gaza Strip

Among the targets: A Hamas battalion commander and a military intelligence facility belonging to the Hamas terror organization

Overnight, in response to continuous rocket fire from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory, the IDF struck over 130 terror targets belonging to terror organizations in the Gaza Strip.

In the first and second stages of the strikes, IDF fighter jets, attack helicopters and aircraft struck weapons manufacturing sites belonging to the Hamas terror organization.

In the third stage, targets belonging to the Hamas terror organization and the Islamic Jihad were struck, including: weapons manufacturing sites and military facilities belonging to the Hamas terror organization and the Islamic Jihad. A  Hamas battalion commander was also targeted.

In addition, as part of the strikes over the past day, the IDF struck a military intelligence building belonging to the Hamas terror organization, along with approximately 15 operatives of the organization. Likewise, IDF tanks and aircraft struck additional terror targets, among them: two offensive terror tunnels adjacent to the security fence.

The Hamas terror organization deliberately places military targets in the heart of densely populated areas in the Gaza Strip. The IDF takes precautions to avoid harming civilians as much as possible during its operational activities.

The Hamas terror organization is responsible for all events transpiring in the Gaza Strip and emanating from it, and will bear the consequences for terror activity against Israeli civilians.

At this time, approximately 200 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israeli territory, dozens of which were intercepted by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System.

Residents are required to keep informed of relevant IDF Home Front Command security updates released in the media, and to follow the instructions given by security forces and the IDF troops operating the area. 

The IDF has reinforced its troops in the Southern Command, is prepared for a variety of scenarios and will continue to operate forcefully against Hamas and the other terror organizations.
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