May 18, 2021 
Hamas 'Metro' tunnel system was struck overnight by 110 guided armaments

IDF fighter jets strike in Rimal, western Gaza City
As of 7:00, since the beginning of operation "Guardian of the Walls", approximately 3,440 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory, of which approximately 500 failed launches fell in the Gaza Strip. 
The Iron Dome Air Defense System has an intercept rate of approximately 90%.

Overnight, IDF fighter jets and aircraft struck military assets in Rimal, western Gaza City.

IDF fighter jets and aircraft struck a number of rocket launching sites aimed at Tel Aviv, Ashkelon and citizens across Israel.

IDF fighter jets and aircraft struck the Hamas terror organization's 'Metro' tunnel system in the northern Gaza Strip for the fourth time. In the strike, approximately 65 terror targets were struck by 62 IDF fighter jets using approximately 110 guided armaments.

Five Hamas commanders' residences were struck across the Gaza Strip. The residences were used as terror infrastructure, and some were used as command and control centers. The five include; the residence of the West Jabalia Battalion commander, the residence of a Jubala Regiment company commander, the residence of the Zeitoun Regiment company commander, the residence of a senior member of the Hamas naval force and military infrastructure within the residence of a Hamas terror organization operational support operative. 

Additionally, the IDF struck a Hamas anti-tank squad in Gaza City. 

The Hamas terror organization proves yet again that it deliberately places military targets in the heart of densely populated civilian areas in the Gaza Strip. The IDF takes all possible precautions to avoid harming civilians during its operational activity.

The IDF continues to strike terror targets in the Gaza Strip and will continue operating with force when necessary.
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