June 22, 2021 
The Chief of the General Staff Concluded His Visit to the CENTCOM Headquarters
Chief of the General Staff: "Our operational cooperation with the US military has reached an unprecedented level and the issues agreed upon during my visit will help to elevate our cooperation capabilities to new heights."
The Chief of the General Staff, Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, completed today a series of meetings, among them, a meeting with Commander of CENTCOM, General ( * * * * ) Frank McKenzie, Commander of USSOCOM, General ( * * * * ) Richard D. Clarke and other senior members of CENTCOM.

The meetings were held at the CENTCOM command headquarters in Tampa, Florida, and included a panel chaired by the commander of CENTCOM, as well as a series of intelligence and operational briefings. 

The Chief of the General Staff discussed with the commander of CENTCOM the IDF’s assessment of recent operational activity in the Middle East, the Northern and Palestinian arenas, the operational and intelligence cooperation between the Israeli and U.S. armies, and new plans to expand existing operational cooperation.

As part of the learning process the armies carry out relating to innovative fighting methods and dealing with terrorist armies, the Chief of the General Staff presented the main activities of the IDF in Operation ‘Guardian of the Walls,’ emphasizing the innovation used in the operation regarding striking capabilities, accurate intelligence, and digital connectivity.

The Chief of the General Staff: "The IDF's operational cooperation with the US military is unprecedented in its scope and has reached new heights. The mutual and main goal of action for the two armies is thwarting Iranian aggression. Iran seeks to establish and entrench terrorists in many countries throughout the Middle East. Iran continues to pose a regional threat in terms of nuclear proliferation, advanced weapons systems including ballistic missile capabilities, and the financing of terrorist armies. The current operational cooperation and the planned improvements agreed during my visit attest to the mutual commitment between CENTCOM and the IDF to deal more effectively with the diverse and emerging challenges."

The Chief of the General Staff will conclude his trip to the United States with meetings with senior officials from academic research institutes as part of the ongoing international media and public diplomacy effort since the end of Operation 'Guardian of the Walls', as well as a visit to the U.S. Military Academy, West Point. The Chief of the General Staff will return to Israel on Friday.
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